Glowing Skin for Any Occasion

Get rid of unwanted fuzz with face waxing services in Casper, WY

If you have fine fuzz on your face, it can cause you to feel a bit self-conscious. With face waxing services at Chulis Salon in Casper, WY, we'll strip away the hair, leaving you with a smooth and glowing face.

You can come to us for:

  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Upper lip waxing
  • Sideburn waxing
  • Chin waxing
We'll analyze your hair type before service to determine if hard or soft wax is most ideal for your specific needs. Call us today to schedule face waxing services and leave feeling more confident in your own skin.

Give your lashes a beauty boost

Lash extensions are a natural-looking way to give you full, lustrous eyelashes. Whether you have naturally sparse lashes or simply want to add length, Chulis Salon can help. We have natural to voluminous options that are maintenance-free and beautiful.

Make your eyes pop by adding eyebrow waxing for a put-together, professional finish. Contact us now to book waxing and lash services at our Casper, WY salon.